While Andiron Group offers a public relations function as part of an overall approach to startup communications, we are always interested in promoting the improvement of public relations in Australia and mentoring the public relations and communications community to improve the standard.  The PRIA has an excellent resource page that is worth visiting at (some links and descriptions below).  While we don't agree with every tip, there is definite value here for those beginning a career in PR.   In terms of public relations writing, our two pieces of advice are Strunk & White's Elements of Style and read widely (not just public relations industry-specific stuff either) and keep reading.

Student Resources

Student Resources

    Resources for PR writing

    E-Newsletter Writing Tips - includes tips and templates to guide successful e-newsletter writing
    Grammar Matters - includes interactive exercises aimed at improving grammar skills
    Grammar Resources on the Web - describes and links to some of the free grammar and style resources available online
    Guide to Grammar and Style - home of grammar rules and explanations, comments on style and suggestions on usage
    Guidelines for PR student blogs - from the PR Studies public relations education blog by Richard Bailey's
    How to Write a Press Release - very basic information on writing a press release
    Judy Vorfeld's Webgrammar - full of grammar basics, grammar tips, common mistakes and general writing resources
    Online Style Guides - links to various different style guides
    Online Thesaurus - a basic thesaurus
    Purdue University Writing Lab - resource for general grammar and style information
    Style Guide by the University of Colorado - style guide for general communication purposes
    The Plain English Campaign - general writing advice
    Tips from Kelle Campbell - An email newsletter with quick tips and writing techniques for communications professionals
    Write101 - a general writing resource
    Writing Email Newsletters - tips for writing email newsletters
    Writing for the Web - research on how users read on the web and how authors should write their web pages
    Writing Websites - tips for html writing and general basics of web writing



    CVs, Cover Letters and Resumes

    Career Advice and Research - advice from
    Cover Letter Writing Tips - resource for writing cover letters
    CV Tips - extensive resource for CV writing
    Elements of a Strong Communication Resume - Guide from the Journalism School at the University of Wisconsin, USA


    Interviewing and Networking

    Commonly Asked Interview Questions - list of common interview questions and what to consider while answering them
    JobWeb - advice for interviews and resume writing
    Interview Resource - Guide to Interview from UTS
    Interviewing Information - general resource from
    Seven Tips for Students Starting Work - a great piece written by Beth Kay on the Wolfstar Blog


    Industry Information

    Careers in PR - article about the industry, necessary qualifications and how to begin in the industry
    Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing - What's the Difference? - article briefly describes the three fields and explains their differences
    The PR Industry - article about the industry from The Economist
    Why Public Relations? - explains the importance of public relations


    Joining the PR Industry

    8 Tips for Newly Minted PR Professionals - from the Marcom Blog
    How to get a job in PR - guidelines to getting an entry-level PR job
    Network into a PR career - a resource from
    Public Relations - a useful resource from